The secret of successful people - clear goals

The rulers of Dubai has turned seemingly impossible things into reality.

And it all started with a goal... 

Complaining and blaming will not change anything. Setting a clear goal for the future will.

Best place to do your goals is close to nature

A MUST do seminar! Inspiring, mind clearing, vision and goal setting event! Follow the action steps learnt and soon you will have results….and the weather and scenery in the desert…OMG!

- Yoana Petrova, Limitless Event

Imagine sitting on the sanddunes reflecting. Thinking back to last year - what was good? What was bad? What do I want more of? How would my ideal life look like 3-5 years from now? Reflecting over these things while the sunsets = amazing. Most people in Dubai live life in the fastlane with no time to reflect. Yet this is such an important part of life.

Join us for a unique seminar  in the desert!

You will have the chance to sit down and think about your life. You will learn everything you need to know about setting goals. This way you will activate the law of attraction and design your own perfect life. The seminar is followed by a unique set of exercises that will guide you through how to best design your future! These exercises will be done whilst the sun sets behind the sand dunes in the desert!

Featured on the radio

Click on the player below to listen to parts of the seminar and a discussion about goals from radio Dubai Eye.

An evening you will never forget

Reflecting over your life in nature is an amazing experience!

My name is Oskar and at 23 years of age I found an old book of mine, where I had wrote down my goals at the age of 18. I realised I have achieved all of those goals and  I have been fascinated with the goal setting topic since then.

For any change to happen you need to know where you are now and identify where you want to be. The next step is to bridge the gap with an action plan. In Sweden I used to plan my goals by a lake or on a mountaintop. When I moved to Dubai in 2007 it took some time to realize where the best place would be. I am happy I have now found it: the desert!

When you are in nature´s surroundings, your mind opens up and gives you more inspiration.
When the sun has set we enjoy a barbeque and light a bonfire. After dinner we reflect under the stars with an optional Shisha available.

Course Contents

Here's a break-down of some of the things you will learn.

  • The science behind goal setting that works
  • The difference between a new years’ resolution and a clear goal that you will actually achieve
  • What devastating effects a bad goal can have on your life
  • How to set goals that will not make you stressed, and are a source of inspiration.
  • Law of attraction – what happens when you have clear goals?
  • How to visualise like an elite athlete (extremely powerful!)
  • You will leave with a roadmap with the things that are truly important to you.
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What previous participant says:

"Enjoy the present moment and create your future.
We were able to do this whilst the evening sun set during our desert excursion!
Thanks for an unforgettable evening. This was the best evening during our Dubai stay."

Karl Sundström
Karl Sundström Entrepreneur

"I would like to say a big thank you for the goal seminar I attended during Jan 2012. I must say that I have fulfilled most of my goals that I set during the seminar and it was big game changer in my life. I will be happy to recommend the goal setting seminar to anyone who wishes to attend it."

Saif Explorer Tours

Next date: 10th December 2016. Max 12 people. Reserve your spot today to guarantee space!

  • Price: 699 AED per person
  • Including: seminar, workshop, dinner and an amazing experience.
  • Only 12 spots available. Last season all seminars were full. Act now to secure a spot.
  • Timings: Starts at around 3 pm and finish 7:00-7:30 pm

About Oskar Andermo

Oskar is a certified mental trainer, coach and NLP practioner. He is the founder of the Smartphone Coaching System which is a unique approach to coaching that mixes the best strategies with technology. As a serial entrepreneur he has had several chances to test his theories in real life.

More about Oskar here: about

More about Smartphone Coaching: here

"As a business owner there is always one more email, one more meeting or one more call to make before I can schedule time to think about me and what my life goals are.  The goal setting seminar in the Dubai desert was an invaluable experience. An amazing setting to take time to truly think about my life goals, meet new people and even better to leave with a clear action plan."

Fiona Swaffield, Siren Events

"The moment you set alone facing the sunset and all what you sea is dunes and dunes of sand, and all what you hear is the silence or just the wind; this is just a wonderful moment which inspire you totally to concentrate. Answering Oskar’s questions make all these moments are moments of really questioning yourself and your actions in lots of things… It was awesome! I have started already with doing the most enjoyable things in my life as I thought about them that day!!"

Mohamed Abd El Azeem, Le Soie Cosmetics

"What a great idea! The goal-setting really gets you to think about what you want out of life, what makes you happy and what's important to you. Being in nature, on the top of a sand dune at sunset, adds a certain level of calm and peace which allows you to think in a clear and unstressed manner - something normal life very rarely allows. Great fun and useful!"

Zeta Yarwood, Zeta Yarwood Life Coaching