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21st century offers new challenges

One can argue that we are living in the best of times. However, rapid change and new technology creates new challenges.

Rapid change

The world is changing faster than ever. Where the world will be 10 years from now is impossible to know. 

Information overload

Internet has created an explosion in new information. "More content is produced in 48 hours than from year 0 to 2003." Erick Schmidt. 

Mental challenge

Until very recently our jobs was mostly physical. Mental health problems keep increasing and is one of our current biggest health challenges. 

A word from the founder: 

A toolbox for success

If you read this I believe you are ambitious. You want more success. You want to be happy. You want to be productive. I also know that in today's fast-paced world that is full of distractions it is not always easy. 

With Strategic Tech Coaching I want to give you a toolbox that will help you survive and thrive in the 21st century. 

Oskar Andermo

Below are some of the current main sources of inspiration:

Courses and coaching 

Below are some of the current ways STC can help.  

The Ultimate Goal Seminar - TUGS

A workshop conducted in unique locations around the world. Nature is used as a tool for inspiration and creativity. So far TUGS has been done in the following locations:

Procrastinator eliminator 

Learn how to reduce procrastination and produce effortlessly with our digital course. Build successful habits and turn dreams to reality. With so much distractions, learning how to make the best use of our time is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. 

Coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs

Being a leader today offers plenty of challenges. Working with a coach can be the difference that makes a difference. Below are some of the challenges that we often work with: 

Clarify your goals and life-direction with this unique exercise...

Use this exercise to get crystal clear on where you are going. This is the tool that we use during TUGS. 

The method

STC has been developed over more than 15 years.  

What is it? 

In theory we know what one have to do to be happy, successful and productive. Yet so many struggle. STC works with the three "I": inspiration, information and implementation. This combined with our seven core pillars and you will find a method that truly will make a difference.  


"The Strategic Tech Coaching method can be described as a vaccine to the challenges our modern world has created." 

Book our founder as a speaker

Oskar Andermo has been sharing the models behind STC for 1000s of people around the wold. If you need inspiration and information that leads to actual change you can book Oskar as a speaker for your next event.

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