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A unique method that helps you deal with a rapid changing world

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Strategic Tech Coaching

STC is a unique coaching method helping you to a happy, successful and productive life in a world that is changing fast.

A rapid changing world creates new challenges

The Strategic Tech Coaching Podcast

Some of the ways STC can help you:

TUGS - Clarify your direction in nature

TUGS - The Ultimate Goal Seminar is an experience that will change your life. In nature you will reflect on your past, present and future. In Dubai we use the desert, in Stockholm we use a catamaran. Magical places. More info

1-1 coaching. From successful to happy, balanced and more successful.

This is our most powerful program. This is for you that is already successful in one area but you may lack balance in life and are you really happy? A successful corporate career or business doesn't necessarily mean you are successful in other areas like happiness, balance or your health. You will work with 1-1 coaching and use technology to implement in-between. With the habit builder program you will instal new habits for a successful life.

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Procrastinator Eliminator

Procrastination kills dreams. Once you know your vision, goals and action plan you need to stick to it. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are different things. In this course, you will learn to build a system that will help you take daily actions. Slowly but surely you will turn your dream into reality. You will work with time management, psychology and technology. Double your productivity with a smile on your face. 

Free 3 part video course.

A viking mindset - mental toughness training

The Vikings were known to be brave warriors. From Scandinavia, they sailed around the world in small open boats. Leaving the village and sail out to the unknown took courage! In this course, you will learn to develop the mindset of a modern Viking. Courage, gratefulness, unstoppability and taking action are all skills that can be learned. We work with modern mental strategies, that are backed by science to develop you into a powerful modern Viking.

We currently offer this only as 1-1 coaching and by application only. To apply click here.

How to implement ChatGPT in your business

Our ChatGPT coaching program is designed to help busy entrepreneurs achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently than ever before. Through personalized 1-1 coaching sessions, you'll work with an experienced business coach to develop a customized plan for leveraging the power of ChatGPT to improve your productivity, sales, and marketing.

We currently offer this only as 1-1 coaching and by application only.

Master ChatGPT.

Strategic Tech Coaching - Inspiring keynotes

All the information you need to create a happy life and a successful business is out there. However, there is a difference between theory and your day to day life.

In order to create the life and business of your dream, you need to identify the strategies that will get you there and then implement the strategies into your daily life.

This is the purpose of Strategic Tech Coaching - find the best strategies and use the technology and coaching to implement them. Oskar Andermo is the founder of STC and is a sought out keynote speaker. He speaks on: "how to use technology for improving your life and business instead of destroying it". More information here.