The Ultimate Goal Seminar


The starting point is always to know the direction you are heading. At TUGS we use nature as a tool for inspiration.

The Ultimate Goal Seminar!

In a unique environment you will work on clarifying your future. Together with likeminded people you will design your life.

Previous clients:

  • Setting goals is essential to achieving good results. Making it in the amazing desert environment led me to think bigger, bolder and braver. Great inspiration and coaching by Oskar Andermo in a magical setting.
    Eva Karlsson Eva Karlsson NLP professionals

How Does It Work?


Oskar Andermo has worked with and studied goal setting for more than 20 years. Each seminar starts with an introduction and some valuable tips on goal setting.

Why is it important to have goals? How do we do it the best way? How do we do it the wrong way? How can our goals be a source of inspiration instead of a source of stress?


This is the most important part of the seminar. You will be left alone in nature with a set of questions that will help you reflect on your past, present and future.

The exercise has been developed and refined over the last 10 years. It acts as a guide and is easy to follow.

But I already have goals?

No problem. Even better. Reflecting and getting even more clear is not a bad thing. The opposite.


The last part is a mastermind session where the group help each other to the next level. You will contribute with your experience and get input from the rest of the group to help with your challenges.

Pick your preferred location below:


After getting certified in coaching and mental training Oskar Andermo realized that he wanted help more people in claryfing their goals. The first seminar happened in Dubai 2014. After several successful seminars in the Dubai desert he realized that this does not only have to be in Dubai. The secret ingredients were nature and like minded people. So 2017 he launched TUGS Stockholm and 2018 TUGS Turingen.

Any more location?

Oskar wants to take The Ultimate Goal Seminar to all corners of the world. If you know of any unique locations that would be suitable please send us a message. We partner with local coaches and entrepreneurs for joint seminars. Email us by clicking here.

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