Reading an inspiring book or working with the best coach in the world will not change your life. The only thing that can do this is personally taking action towards a better you. The purpose of the “the Smartphone Coaching System” is to help you with exactly that.

Combining strategies with technology
When you combine the best strategies with technology success is guaranteed.

It may be difficult to carry around your favorite book or have your coach next to you 24/7. What you can do however is to program your phone to be your ultimate success mentor. Nowadays your phone is with you most of your time.

Having a small computer with you at most times opens up to a whole new world when it comes to personal development.

This is what our book and coaching is about. How to combine the best strategies with technology to improve your life and business to the better.

About the founder

The ‘Smartphone Coaching System’ was developed by Oskar Andermo. He saw a need for helping people to implement success principles. He himself fell for the trap – reading a book, getting inspired, not much actual change in life.

Eben Pagan with Oskar Andermo
Oskar Andermo with legendary entrepreneur Eben Pagan

After experimenting with different ways of using his phone to implement and create habits he realized the potential we all have by having this machine with us most of the time.

Oskar has studied with the best. He has spent countless of hours studying personal development, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, peak performance etc. More importantly – he has implemented the strategies

and designed his dream business and life.

He is a certified coach, NLP practitioner and certified mental trainer. He is also an entrepreneur. He runs several websites, arranges a Scandinavian skiing

Oskar Andermo is the only ICC coach in Dubai
Oskar Andermo is a certified ICC coach

competition in Dubai every year, an inspiring professional speaker, Regional Vice President for Helmsbriscoe Middle East + many other things. He is the first ICC certified coach (Joseph Connors organisation, written several books on NLP) and the first certified mental trainer in Dubai.

Mental training
Oskar Andermo is a certified mental trainer.

Oskar lives in Dubai in the winter and Sweden in the summer.

Smartphone coaching is unique approach to coaching and has been featured in media in Sweden, USA and UAE.

Lars-Eric Uneståhl founder of mental training
With Psychology professor Lars-Eric Uneståhl the founder of mental training.


Smartphone Coaching System is a brand under Chikara Consulting FZ.