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All the episodes for the Strategic Tech Coaching podcast.

Episode 5 Justin Teoh video marketing expert

In this episode, I go skiing with Justin while talking business. We recorded this episode inside Ski Dubai. Technology can be a wonderful tool! In between the runs, I picked Justin’s brain about video marketing. Did you know that there is 1 billion hours of youtube videos that are being watched every day? Youtube has…

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episode 4 Evan Carmichaels top rules for success

Evan Carmichael is a youtube rockstar. His channel has more than 700 000 subscribers and his videos have million of views every month. His top 10 rules for success is one of the most successful series on personal development on youtube. Evan came in with lots of energy and was great to interview. Here are…

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Podcast about conscious breathing

In this episode we go walking and talking with Anders. He is a breathing expert and he teaches people on how to be more conscious with their breathing. This is one of the keys to good health and something we do 1000s of times every hour. And many of us do it the wrong way.…

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Mental training for life

In the second episode of our podcast, we talk with Ronnie who is a mental trainer. There is a lot of lessons we can learn from sports that can be directly applied to our everyday life. We discuss the mental aspect of life and the importance of it for peak performance. Everyone knows the importance…

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Strategic Tech Coaching podcast

Podcasting is a perfect medium to listen to on your commute or while exercising! I started listening to podcast 2014 and love it! Whenever I have to wait in line, nowadays, I almost get happy as it gives me the chance to listen to an episode. You may know that I already run a podcast…

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