The Ultimate Goal Seminar

The goal setting seminar in the Dubai desert was an invaluable experience. An amazing setting to take time to truly think about my life goals, meet new people and even better to leave with a clear action plan.


Fiona Swaffield , Siren Events

Next date: 20th March 2020

A personal strategic planning workshop.

In a unique location you will:

  • Get total clarity on your future
  • Let go of worry
  • Do a step by step action plan to get you there

Clarity on vision and goals is the “secret” strategy that all successful people use. The starting point for any improvement is to know what you want instead. With clear goals you become the master of your own future. Since 2014 I have taken out groups in the desert and helped them clarify their vision, goals and of course - the action plan to get there. Now it is your turn!

This is how we do it:

  • Workshop

    We turn the desert into a conference room and discuss goal setting. How to do it so that it actually works.

  • Reflect

    With our unique set of exercises you will be left on a sanddune. As the sun sets you have the chance to reflect on the past, present and future.

  • Dinner under the stars

    We go back to our camp and enjoy a barbecue dinner. Next, we move to the bonfire and continue the discussion.

Join us on a seminar you will never forget

The desert is the best place to reflect on your life

Reflect and learn in nature.

Bonfire, good conversation and stars.

Who is this for?

If you are ambitious, like to learn and want to take control of your future then this is a perfect workshop for you. I believe you are already interested in getting better. In fact, you may already have goals, read a few books on the topic or even attended other courses. Perfect! Reflecting on past, present and future in nature with likeminded people is something that we can and should always do more of.

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  • Next date: 20th March 2020

We have a unique location in the desert. We are not using one of the touristic camps that you may be used to; this is simple and close to nature. You will get sand in your eyes and there is no reception on your mobile phone. That is part of the experience.

An Inspiring Location

Doing your New Year resolutions in the desert is like nothing else.

Our seminar was featured on the radio!

We had Suzanne Radford from Dubai Eye join us in the desert. Here you can listen to the radio show where we discuss goals and her experience from the seminar.

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How we do it:

Below is the schedule that are approximate timings


We meet at a meeting point in Dubai

From the meeting point we drive together in a convoy to the desert.


Leave the cars

We park our cars by the road and shift to a 4x4. If you feel comfortable with desert driving you can drive the last part.



We start in our conference room with a discussion on goals. I share my story and some practical ways on how to do your goals in the best possible way.


Mindfulness and reflection

We go up on the sand dune for a quick mindfulness exercise. Then you are left alone with a couple of exercises and time to reflect while the sun sets behind the dunes.


Wrap up in the conference room

We continue the conference and share what happened on the sand dune.



Dinner under the stars in a relaxed environment.



We move to the bonfire. We talk about the big questions and enjoy the moment. People can stay as long as they like.

A great afternoon and evening!

“In Dubai the busy lifestyle and work oriented  culture drains the juice out of the people, especially long timers often don’t stop think about themselves, their life & personal development: who I am, why I’m here, what I want to achieve with my personal and work life. Simply we are too busy to just stop and think these questions. Oskar Andermo offers a relief for this need and it’s time to everyone to stop to think where I’m heading to and Oskar offers a great choice for getting out from the treadmill

Kaius Kotkas



The founder Oskar Andermo

Oskar has been working with goals for the last 20 years. He has countless of stories on how he has turned dreams into reality. He has studied obsessively the strategies from the greatest thinkers. More importantly – he has implemented the strategies in his life. He is certified in NLP, mental training and coaching. As a serial entrepreneur he lives his mission daily.

The founder Oskar Andermo

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Here is what some previous attendees are saying:

Nature is a great inspiration. It constantly tells us how to look for more than one way of achieving things through a process of evolution. The very setting of sitting in nature's lap on the sand dunes with the setting sun was enough to open the mind to the questions which Oskar had just posed to us. In his calm, quiet manner Oskar implored us to look within and find our answers.

Would suggest everyone to go through this excercise, it is like a cleansing session of one's soul and being.

Thank you for creating the opportunity.

Indu Varanasi

I had a great time at Oskar's desert seminar. First, it was just really energizing to get out of the city into the desert on a no-hassle trip. The process of goal-setting alone on a sand dune as the sun was setting was memorable. With no distractions and surrounded by stunning landscape, I was able to think deeply about what I had and had not achieved in the past year and how I was going to make the most of future years.

Steve Cronin, Om Life

As featured in:

This seminar is unique and has therefore been featured in several media outlets and blogs

We normally fill up so reserve your spot now.

  • Price: 699 AED per person
  • Including: seminar, workshop, dinner and an amazing experience.
  • Only 12 spots available. Last season all seminars were full. Act now to secure a spot.
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