One of the biggest challenges with any technique for self-improvement is to make it last for the rest of your life. Many times a book, a course or seminar gives you a short stint of motivation and inspiration that dies out very quickly. This is good for many professional gurus as their clients constantly need to come back for more…

What if there was a way to train yourself to feel good, for the rest of your life?

I am happy to say that I have found such a method!

The method is called the Swedish model of Mental Training and it is founded by Swedish psychology professor Lars-Eric Unestahl.

Lars-Eric looked at different methods of changing someone around the world. One common denominator that he found was that they all worked with an “alternative state of mind”. A hypnotic state between sleep and awake. In this mental state people are more ready to accept positive suggestions.

His mental training was originally developed for sport athletes to improve their mental capabilities while playing elite sport. At the Olympics in Montreal 1976 Sweden was the first country in the world to bring a sport psychologist. This man was Lars Eric Uneståhl.

In the 80s Lars-Eric started to spread his course outside the sport world all with the intention to make the world a better place, starting with individuals.

Mental training is the same as physical training. It needs to be done regularly over a period of time for result. In mental training you listen to audio files every day and gradually you will feel better in all areas of your life.

Here is an interview with the founder that I think you will find interesting:
The best part of this is that the result many times last for the rest of your life.

To invest in yourself will always be the best investment you can do.

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