Keynote: Technology - a threat or opportunity for a good life?

We are constantly connected. Is it good or bad for us?


Technology is everywhere. When you are always reachable it is getting more and more difficult to disconnect. Your work emails don't stop because it is a Saturday or evening. We have more gadgets than ever, yet, the level of stress is just increasing. You can use your phone to play online games or the latest mindfulness meditation. The choice is yours.

Coaching 2.0

Some of us look at our phone more than our loved once. Technology is everywhere. Used the wrong way, it turns us into antisocial addicts. Used the right way it can be the perfect tool to make you more productive, happy and reach your goals.

The session was very motivating and inspiring and truly helped me think about my goals in life and how I can achieve them. Extremely helpful session.

Devina Dsouza

The session conducted by Oskar was really helpful and it helped me to be more organized and focused on my goal.


About Oskar Andermo:

Oskar has been speaking professionally since 2011. His keynote about technology and how to use it the right way will make you think, get inspired and also leave you with actionable strategies that you can start using immediately. In today's world, we need to learn how to connect and disconnect.

Apart from his keynote about using technology to get more productive, happy and reach your goals he has since 2014 taking out clients to the desert outside Dubai for reflections. The Ultimate Goal Seminar - TUGS Dubai, is a unique experience. It can be done as a teambuilding for a team (read more here) or for your personal goals (read more here)

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