• Could need some more business?
  • Not enough hours in the day?
  • Nobody to discuss and bounce of your ideas with?

Join our UAE business mastermind.

There is only 24 hours in a day!

To take your business to the next level you need to work smarter not harder.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. For your business to change to the better you need new strategies and access to new people. This mastermind provides both.

Brainstorming with your mastermind.

What is your biggest challenge as a business owner?

For the last 2 years I have asked every business owner I have met, both in Sweden and UAE: What is the biggest challenge in your business? The answer is almost always something related to:

  • Having a steady stream of clients
  • An issue with time. Mostly that the business is on the owner´s mind 24-7.
  • Feeling lonely! Nobody to bounce ideas with.

If you are a business owner, I am sure you can recognize the above problems. When you are stressed because you are thinking you will not be able to pay your next bill, the majority of the time your focus will shift from adding value to trying to extract value. That is not a sustainable business. The other problem is related to time. When your business is on your mind 24-7 it starts to affect your relationships and eventually your health. Running a business may require hard work but you also need to learn to relax equally as much. Thirdly, many business owners feel that there is nobody to bounce ideas with. When you looked at your website for the 76th time, it is almost as you start to get blind. You need external eyes to get perspective. To bounce ideas with your staff may be tricky as you pay their salary and they might not give you a honest opinion.

On my entrepreneurial journey I have experienced all of the above problems. I have had a few sleepless nights and some time on a tight budget when I could not pay the bills.  As one of my passions is to learn, I studied everything I could find on how to tackle these challenges. I used these strategies to build a lifestyle business. A business that I love and that makes me more money than I need.

Now I am excited to share this with other business owners in the UAE! I have found that the best format to really make a shift and change in your business is in small intimate groups. When you put 6 entrepreneurs that are in similar situations in the same room magic start to happen. We will meet 5 times of 2 hours and work on your business instead of in it...

Here is a breakdown of the 5 sessions:

  • Session 1 The roadmap: – Clarify vision, purpose and clear goals. – After this session you will know exactly what your next step will be to reach your long term goals.
  • Session 2 Mastermind: – Share challenges with the group and brainstorm solutions – After this session you will have innovative ideas from other industries. Priceless!
  • Session 3 Take control of your time – Learn how to produce and rejuvenate – After this session you will know how to take your ideas into reality and how to relax and rejuvenate so you can recharge your batteries.
  • Session 4 Sales and Marketing – Be clear on value, product and your niche market. Systemize your sales and marketing. – After this session you will have a clear roadmap on how to double your sales.
  • Session 5 Digital Marketing (session will be held by Barry Cummings from Maximum Net Gain) – Leverage your sales and marketing online. – After this session you will have the digital tools for a sustainable business.

This program is by application only. We want you to be a good fit for the group. By clicking below you will be sent the application document:

What you will learn:

The strategies we will share are handpicked from the best experts out there. We will use technology as accountability to make sure you implement what is being taught.

Imagine having a team of 5 other likeminded business owners that give their all to help you with your biggest challenges.

Imagine the lifestyle you will have when you have a way to be productive to implement your ideas in the best possible way and ways to recharge your batteries so you come back to the office super energized.

What makes this format unique:

  • Small group of likeminded.

    The group will help you brainstorm solutions to your problems and hold you accountable to make sure you really implement.

  • Technology for in between the sessions.

    We will set up a Facebook group where you can continue the discussion in between the sessions.

  • The best strategies

    We will use the latest and best strategies for business building. With the best strategies and the accountability of the group success is guaranteed.

This is what you will get:

  • 5 other business owners to brainstorm with
  • Accountability of the group so that you really make things happen
  • Working on your business instead of in it. The only way to freedom.
  • New ways to get clients and how to make more money from existing
  • Learn how to make things happen but also relax 100 % when you are suppose to
  • A Facebook group to continue the discussion between the sessions
  • + much much more

Total price:

4990 AED

Bonus: 2 free 1-1 coaching sessions (value 1000 AED).

Limited space. By application only. Each group is maximum 6 people. Click button below to apply for a spot or to email any questions:


We guarantee that if you use and implement what we teach and do not see an increase in sales in 6 months, that at least covers the fee, we will give it back to you.


About Oskar

Apart from being certified in NLP, coaching and mental training, 3 things makes Oskars coaching stand out. First, he has studied from the best, daily for the last 15 years. Topics like business, sales, marketing and peak performance. The last 5 years obsessively. Secondly, he has unlike many others, implemented and tried the strategies. Thirdly, he is an entrepreneur himself involved in several different business. This makes his coaching unique. In this picture he is with Eben Pagan, one of the top business coaches in the world.

Mark Stimpson, Upward Thinking

“Attending Oskar’s business mastermind seminars has provided me with some essential tools to make my business more profitable and myself more efficient. The opportunity to have different people from different businesses advise on my own strategies has been invaluable. This is a great opportunity for any business owner wishing to enhance their business. Oskar’s expert knowledge coupled with some truly useful coaching tools will put you in a great place to push your business forward. ”

Linda Asting, Clever Travel

“I really enjoyed this coaching series. Oskar is an engaged and inspiring coach, and the small format of 5-6 people per session made it more intimate and possible to better share experiences with the other business owners. Being a small business owner, it is sometimes hard to make sure your business is going in the right direction in all areas."