One of the techniques I share in the book about smartphone coaching is to put your vision board in your phone. Having a vision board with the pictures of the things you want to attract into your life is a concept in many self-help books. It was popularized in the big hit movie “the Secret”. In it, one of the speakers shares a story of how he put a house in his vision board and how he years later ended up living in that exact house.

Some people are skeptical about this concept. How can something like this work? My recommendation to you is to try it. If you try it two things can happen. Either you achieve your things on your vision board or you don’t. You have nothing to loose.  For me personally it has already proven to work. I put a vision board on my phone for the first time 3 years ago. Last year I had to change the picture as I had already achieved 3 out of 9. There is no scientific backing to the claim that this works but for some reason it does. Where attention goes energy flows is a popular expression.

The power of having your vision board on your phone is that you look at it several times a day so it goes deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind for everyday.

When I wrote the book I recommended people to just find pictures with google and copy paste them to a word document and then turn this into a collage and convert into a picture. A bit complicated process. I am happy there is now a much easier way to do this!
Last week I downloaded a great app called “Pic collage”. With this app you can create your own vision board within minutes. It also lets you add text to the pictures. I really recommend this app and the possibilities are endless for smartphone coaching. You can download it here:

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