Do you know what leaders and successful entrepreneurs all have in common?

In the book “The Prime Movers” leaders such as Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Mary Kay and many more were studied to find common traits. 7 traits were recognized. However, there was one that stood out that they have in common – ‘Vision’. They all had a clear vision for the future.

Having a clear vision and clear goals is a common theme in all books on personal development. Could that be a coincidence or could it be that it is actually working? Have you done your goals? 


What Richard Branson have to say about goals.

Here are what some top selling personal development books and success gurus are saying about goals:

  • “Begin with the end in mind”. Envision what you want in the future, so you can work and plan towards it. 7 Habits of successful people. Stephen R. Covey
  • “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” – Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill
  • Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robbins

Even with all this information the majority of the population still does not have any goals. Or they are vague. Or they are a source of stress instead of inspiration. What about you? Do you have clear attractive goals for the future?

I personally got interested in goal setting at the age of 23. When I was 18, like all the others, I was very lost. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I was much stressed, as I only had 6 months left in high school. What’s next? You may recognize the feeling. Not many knows what they wanted to do when they are 18. One of our teachers told us to write down our 5-year goals. I did. I found the book at 23. 9 out of 10 goals were achieved!

This started me on a journey. I got obsessed with personal development, goal setting and later how it can be applied to business and entrepreneurship.

Sheikh Mohammed Vision

The ruler of Dubai is a master of goal setting.

Since then, I had used goal setting to achieve many different things. Here is a list of some goals that I have set and achieved:

  • Write a book. Goal set: 2003. Goal achieved: 2013 (more info on the book)
  • Move to Dubai. Goal set: spring 2007. Goal Achieved: October 2007.
  • Become a certified coach. Goal set: 2009. Goal achieved: 2011
  • Do goal seminars in the Dubai desert. Goal set: 2011. Goal achieved: 2014. (more info on the goal seminar)
  • Start a business podcast that interviews the coolest Dubai entrepreneurs. Goal set: end of 2014. Goal achieved: 2015. (more info on the podcast)

This is just a short list. I have plenty stories on the goals that I set and achieved. I am not saying this to brag or impress people, rather to show that this is not a theory or a dream. It is principles that actually work.

Take some time to sit down and reflect over your life.

What was good in your previous year?

What was bad?

If everything was perfect, how will your next year be?

Write down some goals and then get busy taking action. It is action that bridges the gap between where you are now and your goals.


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