Some people estimate that robots and AI will replace more than 40 % of current jobs. 40 %. This means that this is a technology we should learn more about. This is one of the reasons why I sat down with Ahmed El Koutiba, the founder of Innosoft, a training company specializing in AI and big data. We discuss AI in its current form and the future of this technology. Will Strategic Tech Coaching be replaced by AI in the near future?

Ahmed runs regular courses on AI in Dubai. If you want to learn more about his company and sign up for a course you can go here:

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  • Mr Ahmed’s background:

  • Mr. Ahmed El Koutbia is the founder and Chief Data Scientist at Innosoft Gulf. His work is currently focused on teaching and research related to Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Decision Sciences from the University of Illinois. Mr. El Koutbia has senior level experience working for leading U.S. companies including Sun Microsystems and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange(CBOE). As Project Engineer at Sun Microsystems, he focused on Enterprise Systems Architecture. Mr. El Koutbia also worked closely with the Sun Java Center’s Chief Architect in the architecture, design and development of a Java EE based Workflow Engine. This work is included in the best-selling book Core J2EE Patterns.

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