What is coaching and who needs a coach I get asked from time to time. This question is especially common from my network in Dubai. In USA and Europe coaching has been around for years and the majority of  people in senior positions have at one point in time worked with a coach. Why is that? Simply because it works!

The other day my friend asked me to define my target market for coaching. I had to think a lot vip jersey store before I answered. My answer was simple – everyone needs and should at one point in time work with a coach. My friend, who is a seasoned entrepreneur, was not completely happy with my reply, kept pushing me. He asked: so if everyone needs a coach that means your target market could range from my 3 year old niece to my 85 year old grandmother…

After our conversation I did some more thinking and my conclusion came back to the same answer – everyone needs and should work with a coach at some point in time! Even though my passion is to help people and make the world a better place I understand that in order for me to build a successful business I also need to focus on a specific target market that would appreciate and pay for my service.

How can I say that everyone should at one point in time work with a coach? The only one that does not have any problems is the one that is dead in the cemetery. If you are alive you will have problems and areas in life where you need to improve.  The best and quickest way to find solutions to a problem and to improve in your life is to work with a coach that can help to guide and direct you. The most successful men and women in USA is doing it so why should you not also do it!

My final conclusion was that the target market for coaching is everyone between 3-85 years old. However the target market for my business is middle to senior management and entrepreneurs that are wholesale nba jerseys China stuck in some area of their life. Mostly it is related to one of the following areas: health, relationships or career.

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