Most of us have done it, maybe on the New Year’s Day just after midnight, perhaps after a few drinks. I am talking about the New Year’s resolution!

 Unfortunately, the statistics are pretty bad! Most of the New Year’s resolutions are forgotten before January ends. Here is a video done 4 days after New Years… 🙂

There are times, I would think that fitness centres are the best business you can establish. On the first week of January, you can have a thousand of sign-ups for the yearly membership. You will notice that the gym is jam-packed in the first two weeks, then afterwards you’ll find the gym unfilled! What an amazing business idea! Having a business that people pay for but they are not actually consuming! 

So let’s make 2016 different! Let us make our New Year resolutions really happen! 

One great way to make it happen is using the apps on your phone. Here are 3 apps that will help you make 2016 awesome:

 Gym pact 

Start to exercise in order to lose weight and become healthy is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. We all know that being healthy is the most important thing in life wherein “prevention is better than cure”. To be able to build an exercise routine, you need to push yourself a little bit.

Gym pact works by signing up your credit card, you’ll have to state a number of times you will workout and how much you will pay if you do not. If you miss a session the money will be deducted from your credit card. If you make your commitment you will make money. 


Another good resolution is to learn a new skill. Perhaps, a language or learn to play an instrument. Mesmerize is an app that will help you remember things. The way how learning was structured is awesome! Spend 5 minutes a day and learn a new language!  

Speed reading 

Learning to read faster is a great skill to master. This can be learnt through a series of trainings. Reading fast will help you in all aspects of your life and career. This amazing app helps you double the speed you are currently in through different training programs. It really works! (Best on iPad)

These apps will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution and not just an empty promise. They will help you get the result you want. Use them and make 2016 your best year ever!

Here are some other apps that we recommend: must have apps for a good life!

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