Technology… is it good or bad?

Well, it depends on the user!  In the same way a knife can be used to cut bread or to cut someone else. It is not about the knife, it is about the user.

A smartphone can be used to constantly check social media or to play mindless games for hours. It can also be used as an assistant to make your life a lot easier.


Here is our top 5 list of what not to do with your smartphone:

1, Do not constantly check social media sites. 

2, Do not spend hours playing games. It is ok if you want to relax for a while but not for hours! Be careful, those hours can be used for more productive things.

3, Do not talk on your phone whilst paying at a shop. I am getting more and more upset about this. It shows no respect whatsoever to the person working behind the till.

4, Do not constantly check your phone whilst out with friends. Be there in the now. Whatever is on your phone can wait (I need to train on this one).

5, Do not scroll through your phone whilst driving. The majority of people do not drink and drive but people are texting and driving which is also wrong! Some statistics show that it is even more dangerous. An exception is if you are using Google maps or Waze but you should pull over on the side of the road to do this.

Here are some of the things that you should and can do with technology:

1, Learn! Through technology you can get access to the best teachers in the world and have it all in your pocket with your smartphone. Wow! What an opportunity!

2, Learn to turn your phone off from time to time. Put your phone on silence or you can even use flight mode certain times of the day. For example turn on flight mode between 5-7 pm everyday and spend that time actually communicating with the person in front of you… 

3, Capture those magic moments. Collect positive memories either by taking pictures or by journaling. Great when you want to get into a grateful state.

4, Have your to do list in your phone, not in your head. You want to use your mind to produce or relax. It should not be cluttered with all the things you need to do. Use an app or system to capture your tasks that you have on your mind.

5, Work with a smartphone coach 🙂 This will be the best leverage that you can do! He will hold you accountable and make sure that you do the things that will change your life for the better!

Be the master of technology, not the slave!

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