One of the challenges of living in Dubai is that we daily have to deal with people from all walks of life and from all over the planet. This the beauty and the challenge at the same time!

Everyone goes around with their own MLB jerseys map of the world based on their experience, background and upbringing. What is right for me may be completely wrong for someone else.

I eat with a fork and knife, my Indian friends with their hands and Chinese friends with Chop Sticks. Who is actually right?

On a deeper level we have our beliefs and values that we carry with us.

Coming late for a meeting means something different in my country than what it means in someone else country. In Dubai I see many people being upset with other people because they do not do what is being perceived correct for them. I use to be guilty of this also, and still am. I need to constantly tell myself that everyone values different things.

Being upset with other people is as much waste of time as being upset about the weather or the traffic –it Wholesale NFL Jerseys is out of our control and any time we spend being angry is a waste!

A useful method is to try to think from different perspectives in your mind.

This is what you do:

First position is your own position. This is your views, opinions, and values. Remember that even though you think your values are right your neighbour might not agree. Be aware of this when dealing with other people.

Second position:

This means that you try to step into the other persons world. This can be very useful when you negotiate something – try to imagine yourself being the other person. In your mind, as best you can, see yourself as the other person listening to you.

Third position

This is a step beyond yours and the other person’s perspective. Try to see your interaction from a neutral point without giving any value to it. This is a rational approach. If you are fighting over something it can be very useful to take a step back and try to analyse the situation without putting your own values into it.

Fourth position

This is the position of the surrounding people that are affected. In a work situation with a colleague this is the other colleagues view on your relations. If you have an argument with your spouse this could be the view from your kids.

It can be very useful to play with this whenever you have a conflict with someone or need to negotiate something. Go through all the different perspetives in your mind.

In our 1 -1 coaching sessions we have several exercises related to this that can help you improve your relationship with others.

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