My uncle sent me below pictures showing how technology can be used in the wrong way.

Do you know anyone that is doing this?

Pleasantly Chatting in a cafe>





Get together in a restaurant…








For those of you that have read the book – please do not let technology rule your life.

This is the same as when people incorrectly say, “money is the root to all evil”. The correct phrase is supposed to be “the love of money is the root to all evil”.

Same thing goes with technology. Technology is not bad, however if you use it the wrong way it can become something negative.

In my book I show how you can program your phone to be a success mentor that is always in your pocket. We do this by summarizing 8 success principles and then show how we can apply these daily with your phone as a tool. The phone becomes a reminder, accountability partner + many more things.

I truly believe you can use your phone to do good not bad but lets establish some do´s and don´t.


–       Learn how to manage different profiles – silent, vibrate and sound. Use these! When you enter a meeting put your phone on silence. When you are enjoying a good meal with your friends or partner maybe put it on vibration. Most phones now let you programme you own profile. You can program it so only some callers are loud and rest on silence for example. Learn this and use it.

–       Take at least a day a week where you do not check your email or social media. Ideally leave your phone at home.

–       Try to take a minimum of 1-week vacation without technology every year.

–       Adapt to the people that you are hanging out with. Your grandmother will have a different view on technology then your 16-year-old niece.

–       If you are interrupted and it is urgent make sure you apologize and leave the group.


–       Check your phone first thing in the morning or last thing before going to bed (unless it is your gratefulness or goal folder)

–       Let the phone dictate your life. You are the master, not your phone.

–       Do you drink alcohol and drive? I don’t, but sometimes I text and drive… apparently, according to statistics, it is more dangerous to text and drive than drink and drive…

–       Spend hours playing mindless games. If you want to play games, play the once that are challenging mentally so you learn and grow while playing.

I have to admit that I have personally been guilty of doing all of the above at one point in my life. I am working on becoming better at my smartphone etiquette.

Smartphone coaching is about helping people feel and do better in life. We do this by using technology in a smart way. If you know someone that has no manners when it comes to handling his smartphone forward this post.

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