The theme of my book, our coaching and this website is that you need to do something to change your life. Action is the only way to result. The problem is that we many times get caught up in our daily life.

One key is to instil new habits. Most of us do not forget to brush our teeth in the morning as this is a habit that has been trained since childhood. To get long term success we need to put habits in place that takes us closer to our goal with small steps every day.

Imagine if before you brushed your teeth went for a 30 minute walk every day. What would that do to your long term health? Or if you every day read 15 minutes within your field of expertize? What would that do to your career long term?

So how can we use technology to build a new habit? A good website that I can recommend is Habitforge. Here you can register a new habit you want to put in place and they will email you a reminder every day. In the reminder you can just tick yes or no. Pick one new habit every 90 days and put in in place by signing up to habitforge!

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