Podcasting is a perfect medium to listen to on your commute or while exercising! I started listening to podcast 2014 and love it! Whenever I have to wait in line, nowadays, I almost get happy as it gives me the chance to listen to an episode.

You may know that I already run a podcast about entrepreneurship in Dubai. The name is Swenglanese and me and Barry interview different business profile in our region.

As that podcast is region specific I decided to launch another show that works all over the world. My aim with the show is to find interesting people with interesting strategies. Strategies that you as a listener can use immediately after the show.

In many of the episode I will go “walking and talking with smart people”. To create a relaxed atmosphere I take my guests for a walk. This is a great format as the guests really open up. However, sometimes it will effect the sound quality. I hope you are ok with that.

On the first episode, I got to interview Professor Lars-Eric Uneståhl. He is the founder of Mental training and a super interesting person.

I have studied personal development for almost 20 years and the last 5 years obsessively. Of all the methods I have studied his method is the one that has had the biggest impact on me. That is, not just theoretical knowledge but also a change in me as a person. A change that is lasting and not just a temporary boost.

Some of the things we talk about are: breathing, recovery, mental training for kids, travelling and getting robbed… 🙂

The best way to listen to the show is downloading it on your phone and listen in your commute.

If you have an iPhone here is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/strategic-tech-coaching/id1231081030

If you have an android just search for the show on your favourite podcast player. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes!

You can also listen on the below player from your computer.

If you want to start practising mental training here are some ways:

  • – contact me to set up a training program. I mix this with 1-1 coaching.
  • – practice on your own. You can buy some of the mental training on iTunes. Just search for Lars Eric Uneståhl and mental training.
  • – If you speak Swedish you can download the SLH app “mental training”.
  • – If you don’t speak Swedish yet, you can learn Swedish and then download the mental training app… 🙂 (this will take the longest time)

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