Close your eyes and take 1 minute to think of your 3 most important goals that you have now.

What you will find is that for almost all of us they are related to: health, relationships or career/work (meaningful purpose). To live a good life you need to have these 3 pillars and they need to be in balance.

You may know someone that has a great career and that loves what he is doing but his health is really bad. It does not matter how much you love your work if you do not have the health to do it.

What about relationships? Can I not have a good life just by doing what I love and having good health? If you look back at your life you will realize that the happiest moments involved other people. We need other people to have a fulfilling life.

What do I mean with meaningful purpose? This is mostly related to your career. We spend a lot of time at our workplace so we better make sure we enjoy it! The important thing here is to early on in your life identify what your passions and strengths are and try to make this as big part of your work as possible. It may be difficult when you are an employee as sometimes you may not be in total control of your time. There are 2 options. Search for those organizations that let you do what you do best most of the time or simply resign and start your own business. The second path may be difficult to start with but the long-term rewards will be so great it will be worth the initial struggles.

Hint: Apart from working with your strengths and passions, having a meaningful job often means that you are either growing as a person or contributing to make the world a better place.

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Rank yourself between 1-10 in each of these categories – health, relationships and meaningful purpose. Make a note in your phone of the date and your score. Put a reminder in your calendar to review this at least once a month and start competing with yourself to get a higher score.


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