This episode is about the inner journey, life long development and that we need to work together to create the world we want. Everything is connected.

Tomas Björkman is a philosopher, author and a social entrepreneur. After building several successful businesses he did an exit in 2005.

2008 he started a foundation called Ekskäret with the mission of making sense of the world we create and allow brave spaces for people to explore and work on their inner growth.

One of those spaces is an island called Ekskäret outside Stockholm that is used for transformative learning. They also have a co-working space in Stockholm called Klustret.

Tomas is a fascinating man and I am sure you will get a lot from this conversation.

The purpose of Strategic Tech Coaching is to inspire, inform and help you implement things into your daily life.
One of the pillars of the STC system is life long learning.

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