About a year ago I got the opportunity to blog for one of the leading iPhone related magazines – iPhone Life. I have written several articles for them that you can find here.

What is interesting is that the most shared article was one where we discussed smartphone etiquette. You are probably familiar with the issue, having experienced it in your own lives. We look at our phones more often than into the eyes of our loved ones.

Addicted to your phone?

Addicted to your phone?

It was interesting to see that in a magazine for tech people the post that was shared the most was about protocol for using your iPhone more carefully…

I still stand by every word of that article, however, I don’t agree with people who would have us believe that technology is bad.

Technology used the right way is a great tool to actually enhance our lives not detract from it.

A Swiss scientist, Conrad Gessner warned people how the modern world overwhelmed people with data and that this overabundance was both “confusing and harmful” to the mind. What’s interesting is that he wrote this in the 16th century referring to the printing press… ☺

Fear of new technology is nothing new. In the 1900’s when trains started to become a mode of transport for the masses, many people were afraid that the speed at which these things travelled couldn’t possibly be safe. And yet, the train in many countries worldwide, is a primary mode of transport with a relatively good safety record all things considered.

I am passionate about personal development and I am passionate about technology. I really believe there is a lot that can be done with the convergence of the two. The fact that we all carry around a small computer that gives us access to more information than Bill Clinton had as president of the United States, is a huge opportunity. Used the right way technology is making us smarter than ever before.

The Smartphone Coaching System was originally developed for me personally to manage my event business. My dream was to have a business that could be managed from anywhere in the world. Thanks to technology I now have that.

My point is that technology in itself is not bad. We just need to learn to be a master of it, rather than a slave to it.

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