One of the foundation principles of Smartphone Coaching is to always be learning. Learning means growing as a person and when we do this we feel good. If you want to be on top of your field always be learning is a must!

I take a lot of inspiration from the Swedish model of mental training that has a lot of brilliant ideas on how to design and live a good life. This picture illustrates their view on learning:

Learn for life SLH

Here you can learn more about mental training: interview with the founder of mental training.

Here are our top 4 tips for using technology for learning:

1, Just in time learning – brainstorm the current challenges you are facing in your business and life. Rank them in priority. Based on this list, research the best teachers and mentors within this problem. If, for example, finding and keeping clients are your biggest challenge research the best teachers in sales and start studying.
2, When you know what to study try to find audio books and podcasts within this field. Fill your smartphone with learning materials that you can listen to. You will find plenty of opportunities to learn during a day. Maybe while stuck in traffic or waiting in line in a shop.
3, Leaders are readers – apart from listening to learning material I would also recommend you to to read books in your chosen field. When you read an inspiring book take notes and summaries key learning in your phone. After a while your phone will be filled with wisdom that you have with you.
4, Learning happens in the edge of your comfort zone! Brainstorm things that make you uncomfortable. From slightly uncomfortable to shitting in your pants fear. Prioritize the list and put it in your phone. Now actively look for opportunities to conquer this and get the satisfaction of ticking it off. You can start in the bottom of the list and work you way up to the bigger things. Here is a picture of me ”cuddling” with a snake.:

outside comfort zone

Cuddling with snakes was something that was “close to shitting in my pants fear” for me… and the learning is not so much that I want to be able to cuddle with snakes rather learning to feel the fear and do it anyway.

While you are learning it might be painful,  especially when you are at the edge of your comfort zone. The rewards are however great.

Make sure you reward yourself after so that you enjoy the learning process!

Oskar Andermo


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