Procrastinator Eliminator

You have taken the courses, you have read the books and you know what to do.

But do you do what you know? Daily? If not... read on...

Here Is Why You Need This

I am convinced that you can do whatever you want with your life. In theory it is pretty simple. Just find someone that has done something similar and do the same thing. But in reality you know that knowing what to do and actually doing it is different things. This course is focusing on the second part - doing it! Taking those small, daily action steps that takes you closer to your dream.

We are living in exiting times. With technology there is more disturbance than ever. Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all fight for your attention. There is also unprecedented opportunity. Thanks to technology we have access to the same information that Bill Clinton had at the time of his presidency. We need to use our time right so we can design the life we want. This you will learn in this course.

Learn to combine time management, psychology and technology

You need a time management system to take control of your inbox and prioritize. You need psychology to change your mind to the correct action. Technology can be a blessing or a curse. You will learn to master all three.

Learn to take control and design the ultimate day

Your life consist of your days. The more time you waste the more negative your future will be. Learn to take control of your day and design the exact future you want.

Learn to bypass your "chimp" brain

Procrastinating leads to worry and a feeling of guilt. Many times you know this but your "chimp" brain still decides to procrastinate as it feels good in the short term. Learn to override your "chimp" and get started.

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Week #1 - From Vision to your to do list

"When I love what I do I do not procrastinate" was one comment I got when researching for this product. In week 1 you will clarify your vision, mission and goals. Then link your to do list to the bigger picture. This will be a huge weapon against procrastination.

Week #2 - 3 M - Meditation, mindfullnes and mental training

This week will be all about the mind. You will learn different ways on how to train your brain. We will talk about awareness and willpower. Both important components to take control of you "chimp" brain.

Week #3 - Strategies

Several strategies to take control of your day. Some of the things you will learn: take control of your inbox. Prioritize. How to produce and rejuvenate. Avoid the grey zone where we do not produce nor recharge.

Week #4 - Tactics

Tools and mind tricks you can use in your day to day life. These are the tactics you will use when you are lying on the sofa in the afternoon and your brain is having a fight - should I relax or exercise?

Week #5 - Put it all together

In the last week we put everything together. We will work on inevitable thinking which will make success guaranteed.


Plenty of bonuses that will make sure you take action.

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